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Consultancy and Support Services

Consultancy servicesIntroducing Skyline ProSupport, a suite of professional support services, designed to address the technology challenges you face today. This new support portfolio is focused on your needs, time demands and budgets.
To get started, choose your Skyline ProSupport Service Model for professional support services that take care of your IT needs.

Information Security Management Service

A good Information Security Management System(ISMS) protects the information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. The Information security control framework, improve the organization’s profitability by reducing both the number and the extent of information security breaches and by reducing both the direct and indirect costs (e.g. lost productivity through time lost investigating and resolving breaches and hoaxes; irrecoverable loss of data; expenses incurred in recovering and securing compromised data and systems; notification of customers and regulators; fines for breaching laws and regulations; damaged reputation leading to customer defections and brand devaluation).

The host of services that we provide in ISMS arena include:-
ISMS Consultancy & Implementation - We undertake ISMS Consulting and Implementing assignments which covers the complete ISMS implementation cycle from an initial gap analysis, formation of the ISMS management structure, asset identification and classification, risk analysis, risk treatment , information security training and internal ISMS audits.

ISMS Auditing - Periodic assessment of an ISMS from an internal and external perspectives based on the defined ‘statements of applicability’ helps the Organization to identify the risks at the right time and mitigate it. Our audit team can help in assessing the Information Security health of the Organization against ISO 27001 standards, Organization's defined requirements, Customer specific requirements or Regulatory requirements. We undertake the evaluation of an ISMS against certification requirements and help in identifying and treating the gaps. Our team of auditors have 1000+ hours of Information Security audit experience in various business domains and are certified in ISO 27001, CISA, CISM etc.

ISMS Training - Employees who are not well aware about ISMS are the weakest links in the Security chain and are the biggest threats to any Organization. We help in scientifically assessing the awareness levels and conducting the ISMS awareness drives to bridge the gaps.

Business continuity planning services
Business continuity planning (BCP) is the creation and validation of a practiced logistical plan for how an organization will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical (urgent) functions within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption. It is a strategic management process to identify potential incidents and develop effective response plans.

Good BCP plans, which are implemented successfully during a crisis, will give the company good return of investments and hence BCP can be seen as a business enabler.
We have a team of certified BCP Consultants with many years of industry experience handling the BCP implementations of various business houses from different domains.

Our BCP Consultancy services team can help the Customer to

•    define the BCP Goals,

•    train and equip the internal BCP team,

•    identify the critical processes / functions to be supported,

•    identify the dependencies and corresponding failure modes

•    select and implement appropriate risk treatment / mitigation plans

•    Establish and conduct the tests and drills.