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You are here: Services IT Services Enterprise Office Solutions

Enterprise and small scale Office Solutions

Enterprise and small scale scale office solutionsWhatever the clients requirements, our team will assist to design, build, manage and maintains enterprise-small office class server systems which are secure, reliable and resilient, with an eye to the future.

Server based solutions

Our server-based solutions include the following:
•    Active Directory
•    Backup Solutions
•    Clustering
•    Exchange
•    Failover/Load-balanced solutions
•    Small Business Server
•    SQL server
•    Storage Solutions
•    Virtualized Infrastructure
•    Windows server

Print & fax server solutions
We provide organizations with a single enterprise-wide fax and print server solutions offering flexibility and productivity.
We have the right solution to automate your fax communication from any of your applications, for clients looking for a company-wide production fax server or a software solution to send and receive fax that can be associated with your existing messaging systems
Leave a small ecological footprint towards an environment friendly and healthy living style. STOP PRINTING OFF all those avoidable documents with the help of a “smart” print & fax solution through Skyline Technology.

Internet & email solutions
i) Complete Office Connectivity
The service is intended above all as a telecommunications solution for small and medium-sized enterprises or domestic offices. The basic parameters of the individual services of the package are configured with utilization by companies in mind.
The basis of the service is the complete delivery of telephone and internet services in one integrated solution.

ii) Policy based Internet Access Control
Do you have any control over:-
Infiltration to your network?
Unauthorized access to internet?
Inappropriate content sites?
Caching Problems?

We have the right solution. That is policy based Internet access control.
Policy based Internet Access Control is a centralized Internet access management system that enables user authentication and single sign-on, authentication management, policy-based authorization, identity federation and auditing of access to Web applications and portals.

Ups for data & communication systems

Your Business Can't Afford a Power Outage!!!
A sudden stoppage of the hard drive without proper shut down could cause the heads to crash on the platters which damages the heads or worse, scratches the platters. This will lead to a clicking hard drive and loss of sensitive data. Whether a home or office, building or even the total area under the power grid - are prone to a Power outrage at any given point of time. A mere  system failure at a sub-station, an accident or a calamity may culminate to a total blackout.  To mitigate such risks, an effective Disaster Management is inevitable to any IT installation.  We offer a total package & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solution to effectively protect your vital data in such an eventuality.